Platinum XL Nose Hair Trimmer
Platinum XL Nose Hair TrimmerPlatinum XL Nose Hair TrimmerPlatinum XL Nose Hair Trimmer
Platinum XL Nose Hair Trimmer
$39.90 $35.00

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Whether you’ve struggled with stray hairs dangling from your nose or you have discovered a nest of hair sprouting from your ears, the bestselling Platinum XL nose and ear hair trimmer by Groom Mate is your simple solution. Perhaps you have already tried using a clunky, battery-powered trimmer only to find that it ruthlessly pulls on those sensitive nose and ear hairs, causing you untold pain. Maybe you have even tried to trim those danglers with scissors, only to realize afterwards that the slightest wrong move could have meant a pierced nostril. With a Groom Mate trimmer, you will never need to fear unwanted piercings or painful plucking.

Made of stylish, 100% brushed stainless steel, the Platinum XL runs on Earth friendly finger-power. With a simple twisting motion, your Platinum XL will effortlessly trim your unwanted nose and ear hair with its patented precision rotary blade system, bringing back your million dollar looks. (And members of the opposite sex won’t give you those strange glances anymore.)

The Platinum XL trimmer will never become dull and won’t yank at your nostril hairs, guaranteed! You will never have to purchase another nose hair trimmer again!

Here are a few reasons why people consider the Groom Mate’s Platinum XL nose hair trimmer to be far superior to any battery-operated model:

  • Incredibly gentle.  The Platinum XL will leave your sensitive nostril and ear linings safe and neatly trimmed - say goodbye to all the pain from past trimmers!
  • Eco-Friendly. No battery means it’s good for the environment! Simply twist or squeeze (depending on the model) while inserting into your nostril or ear.
  • Convenient. Carefully manufactured in a compact size perfect for home and travel.
  • 100% Brushed Stainless Steel - Quality craftsmanship for a lifetime of use.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Critically Acclaimed. From Wired magazine to, men and women around the world are giving our trimmers accolades!
  • Style.  No need to be ashamed of getting caught with the handsomely crafted Platinum XL up your nose.

Just follow your nose around our site, and we're sure you'll be convinced: no other nose and ear hair trimmer could possibly compare to the Platinum XL. More than 3 million satisfied users can't be possibly wrong!

Groom Mate Platinum XL works without batteries. Place the cutting head into your nostril or ear  and while holding the top cylinder steady with one hand , twist the bottom cylinder steady with one hand, twist the bottom cylinder back and forth with the other hand.

To clean, use the brush or rinse with water.

4 of 5 Stars! by Yi Po Han
Got to know about this tool via a pamphlet. Seems unbelieving at first, but after some research, I d.. Read More
5 of 5 Stars! by Alan Chia
Like many other reviews. This is the best trimmer I ever used. Thumbs up!
4 of 5 Stars! by Michael Scott
Perfect tool for your nasty danglers on the nose! No chance you find something better in the market .. Read More
4 of 5 Stars! by Brendon Chew
This is a manual trimmer. I mean, I was a bit skeptical when I received a promotion mailer. But deci.. Read More
4 of 5 Stars! by Han Johnny
A gorgeous piece of tool. It is simply the best nose hair trimmer I have ever used! I would highly r.. Read More
5 of 5 Stars! by Kelvin Lee Meng Tong
As an engineer, I know a great engineering feat when I see one. I simply love the Groom Mate. It is .. Read More
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